Online Divination: Why Distance Is No Hindrance


The Tarot Readers Learn To Tell Fortune Online

Since the Internet appeared human life on the planet Earth has changed. Paper letters, landline phones, film cameras, and wires are becoming a thing of the past. On the other hand, the value of real-life communication has sharply increased — the virtual reality inevitably bothers. But it gives unlimited opportunities for communication, and this advantage brings to naught all possible disadvantages.

Taromancy is a type of consultation service, and before the Internet era, all such services were rendered alive. However, psychological consultations by phone have existed for a long time now, and that is quite explainable. It is possible to make a written astrological forecast for the client, having learned all data on e-mail. But divination … how can it work at a distance? Is it magic? Should every fortune teller be a mentalist?

Main Secret Behind Distance Divination

It is rather curious that you can easily prove the tarot cards work online — just try it. Every skilled tarot reader has once laid out the first spread. After 5-10 spreads they were surprised to learn that taromancy really worked for them. After 50 spreads (some of them a bit earlier) they knew exactly how it worked. Then they may have tried to shuffle cards via phone or on Skype. And the magic was still there: they found out that there was no difference for the tarot deck. Even if the client doesn’t see the deck and doesn’t touch it (some experts still think the contact is necessary), the spreads tell the future.

In a while tarot readers learn to lay out spreads on people they have never seen, for example, on celebrities or politicians. Theoretically, it is possible to tell fortunes for the inhabitants of another galaxy. However, it would be better if we received an inquiry from there.

The secret of the magic is hidden in the simple axiom which works even if you don’t know it. It goes as following:

Information meets neither physical nor mental barriers. The talent of a tarot reader is the ability to read what is already written on the cards. The deck, as well as any divinatory system, represents the receiver of information “waves”. Their source is the collective unconscious, or a power information field, or a noosphere, or Akasha’s Chronicles. Every tarot reader explains the magic how he or she likes. This field is everywhere. It connects all people, their thoughts and acts in the universal interdependence.

How to lay out tarot cards and read the spread via Skype? Fortune telling at a distance is now possible

How to organize online fortune telling?

To ensure that the cards interpret the waves which concern this particular client, the tarot reader asks his data — the name, sometimes the date of birth or the place of residence. It concerns all the participants of the future events that we are trying to read — it is called “the spread context.” It is crucial to ask an exact question. It helps the tarot reader to lay a certain communication channel, and the information on this client is reflected in the spread under the synchronicity law. Moreover, the Universe perfectly knows what the client thinks of, and what he doesn’t think of — the individual unconscious of each person is directly connected to the collective one.

Those who are fond of esoterics will remember the funny word “egregore” which is a synonym of the collective power information field. There are ways how we can connect to these fields, for example, a prayer is the best way of contact with the Christian egregore. You can choose whatever you like according to your personal preferences and beliefs. There are a lot of decks; they are tuned into certain channels. But on the whole, any deck of tarot cards will work in any situation.

What do you need to remember to tell fortune online?

It is essential to build up a close contact between the tarot reader and the client, especially if the divination is made in the online mode without a web-camera. For example, you can ask the client what cards to pull from the deck or when to finish its shuffling. It will help the clients to feel necessary during the fortune telling; besides, it will clean your channel from the wrong inquiries.

Sometimes clients ask whether there is a need to pronounce their question. Generally speaking, the Universe already knows the conceived question. Kind forces up there always hear everything and take good note. However, it will be better if the client declares the purpose aloud. And the tarot reader is no mentalist, he or she needs to know the spread context to give the answer in words. The picture is clear from cards, but to transfer it to the verbal level is a more difficult task.

Online divination gives an opportunity to consult clients at a distance. It is a chance to find a good specialist wherever he or she lives. This is what we call the magic of the XXI century.


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