Online Dating – How To Turn Chatting Into A Relationship?


Dates found through Internet aren’t something unusual anymore. But you should stick to some simple rules of online talking so that your communication in virtual space can grow into a real relationship.

Get your interlocutor talk

In fact first hours and even days in the beginning of you talking are the richest in emotions and information. The most difficult point here is to stop for a second and think if things that the attractive stranger on the internet tells about himself are really true. Of course, you shouldn’t show your distrust directly, but nobody can prevent you from making leading questions and comparing answers. You should analyze your conversation most attentively when your interlocutor gets carried away on his own good self and shares something personal.

The question tactics from your part have one more use – every one of us likes to talk about himself or herself, and so the winner will be the one who shows his or her interest in their interlocutor.

Don’t complain about your ex-partners

It can be that you are really tired of your past relationships or still really angry with your ex. But if you had a chance to draw the attention of a really interesting person on the internet, it’s better not to spill a flow of complaints out on him, how empty and full of sorrow was your past life with your ex. Not a lot of people with whom you are just beginning to talk are really interested in your griefs and you can easily scare away a good person. Also, you could easily become a manipulator’s victim if your new friend decides to play up to you and show that he is different from your ex and it will be all different with him.

Even if you broke up with your ex-boyfriend on good terms, it’s still better not to talk about your past relationships with your new acquaintance. Your mission is to know more information about him and not to share the details of your past romances.

find out more about online datingEdit your social media profile

Be sure that your new potential date has already studied your profile from the first hours of your texting in every detail. You should prepare for that beforehand and delete from public view all of your posts about your dissatisfaction with relationships and that you can’t find your perfect man or your prince charming for a long time.

Just take it for granted that your social media page is your trademark and fill it with photos and information that tells how active, eventful and interesting is your life. Your page should arouse interest, stir up curiosity and not associated with failures and emptiness.

If your virtual meeting happened on a dating site, you can invite your new friend to continue your communication on a social media where both of you have profiles. At the same time, you can study attentively his page.

Transfer your communication into reality

The most part of internet dating not only doesn’t grow into a real relationship but wastes the time of one of the sides without remorse. The reason is simple – a lot of internet relationships just stay virtual.

If you feel that your new acquaintance takes his time to set a date, take the lead. Usually, a few days of talking are enough to understand if you would like to communicate with this person further. If the answer is positive, don’t delay a real meeting.

And here, as a rule, some curious things happen – a certain part of men online immediately build a thick wall of all sorts of reasons to postpone a date. Busy at work, problems with health, urgent business trip – everything is good. And the reason is simple – your new friend isn’t really interested in your relationship and you shouldn’t waste your time on him.

If you both live in different cities or countries, you can agree on some date beforehand, when you can meet each other in real life.

Be aware of online datingSearch for conversation topics with this person

Sometimes your conversation on the internet fades after a few days, even when everything looked very promising in the beginning. Maybe you just didn’t match, but one more weighty reason of this fading can be the absence of conversation topics.

Look attentively at your new friend’s profile, read what he writes about his hobbies and how he spends his free time. Like this, you will have a pretext for further communication with him. Ask questions, show your knowledge and enthusiasm in this matter.

But you should avoid another extreme here – if you have the same professional sphere, don’t try to load your new friend with your work problems. By the way, if your interests match, you can use it as a reason to meet, for example, invite him to some theme event.

secrets online datingsEliminate men not wanting a serious relationship

There are a lot of people on dating sites and social media who want to have a good time and at the same time don’t want a long-term relationship at all. It’s easy to figure them out when examining their profiles attentively. You should become alerted if your new friend adds many girls every day too actively, but his profile looks somewhat dead. There are only quotations, reports, games and complete absence of his own thoughts and emotions on his profile. You should think if your potential date drops hints to you to send him your private photos. It’s better to stop communicating with him and search for someone who is more aimed at a serious relationship when meeting girls on the internet.

Happy dating!


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