Marriage Horoscope 2018


Marriage horoscope 2018 for all astrological signs

According to the Chinese horoscope, next year will be the year of the Yellow Dog – a very smart and faithful animal. The Yellow Dog is known for its noble and loyal nature, so no one will be left without support. Marriage Horoscope of The Earth Dog recommends to show these merits to those who are planning to form the bonds of marriage with their beloved ones. The marriage horoscope for 2018 predicts many weddings this year. If you are planning to get married in 2018, your marriage will be strong and happy. And the Yellow Dog will help you choose the right season for the wedding.

Aries wedding horoscope 2018 prediction

If Aries wants to get married in 2018, he needs to listen to his heart. If he does so, his marriage will be happy, strong and harmonious. The marriage horoscope 2018 recommends Aries get married 7 days after their name-day. But if you doubt that you want a wedding right now, better postpone the most important day of your life until 2019.

Taurus wedding horoscope 2018 prediction

Before getting engaged, Taurus has to develop some tact and self-control first. Try not to express any violent emotions in front of your partner and his or her relatives. Sensitivity and flexibility will be your best assistance in relations with your loved ones. It’s better to set the date of your wedding in October or December. These are the most suitable months for the ceremony. Also, try adding golden, yellow or orange colors to the wedding dress and groom’s suit.

Gemini wedding horoscope 2018 prediction

In the year of the Yellow Dog, emotional relationships won’t be too stable and harmonious for Gemini. They will constantly sway back and forth from total mutual understanding to disappointment and hurt feelings. Also, don’t plan to get married until July, and if you’re in doubt, it’s better to cancel the ceremony altogether. The wedding horoscope 2018 predicts Gemini an adversary. Don’t confront with him, you can always resolve the conflict peacefully. The best time for the wedding is July and November.

Cancer wedding horoscope 2018 prediction

In the year of the Yellow Dog, Cancer will get a good chance to radically change his life by marrying. The wedding horoscope 2018 recommends Cancers to become really close with their partners before proposing marriage, otherwise, it will get troublesome right away after the wedding. The best time to get married in 2018 is spring.

Leo wedding horoscope 2018 prediction

Leos vigilantly defend their private space, freedom, and independence. In 2018, Leo will have to make an important step and make his relationship official. However, Leo rarely has real feelings towards anyone, so if you don’t feel a deep emotional bond with your partner, don’t bother with marriage at all. But if you’re in love and feel confident in your partner and yourself, set a wedding date in early summer or in autumn.

Virgo wedding horoscope 2018 prediction

It’s going to be a great year for a Virgo, who has dreamt about a wedding for a long time. But if you really want to become a family with your partner, you will have to change your personality and become more forgiving. Although Virgos tend to overthink things and carefully choose their partner, the wedding horoscope 2018 recommends them not to worry too much about it. If you want to become a bride or a groom until the end of next year, plan a wedding in late summer or in September.

Marriage Horoscop 2018 for all zodiac sings _2Libra wedding horoscope 2018 prediction

In the year of the Yellow Dog, Libra can finally decide to get married, but they also can cancel that marriage just as quickly. You will have a lot of followers making its hard to choose between them. Pick your choice carefully, otherwise, you may end up at the altar with the person you don’t love. The marriage horoscope 2018 recommends Libras to be careful and don’t make any rash decisions. Creating a family is a serious step in everyone’s life. But if you’ve already made up your mind, get officially married in July or in mid-autumn.

Scorpio wedding horoscope 2018 prediction

Scorpios are unlikely to make their relationships official in 2018, they’re completely fine as it is. Also, there is always an option to live together without getting officially married. That allows you to avoid any bureaucracy and be together with your loved one at the same time. But if your fiancee still wants to get a ring on her finger, carefully think about whether you want it yourself. If you say ‘no’ for the first time, the second time may not happen at all. But if you’ve already made your choice, go to the registry office in late spring or mid-autumn.

Sagittarius wedding horoscope 2018 prediction

Sagittarius is tired of short-lived relationships and affairs. If you want to get married, to create a family and to have children, then you’re lucky: the year of the Yellow Dog is a perfect time to create a happy and long-lasting marriage. But first of all be completely positive that you trust your partner for one hundred percent. Don’t get married to a person you know for only a couple of months. However, if you have no doubts about your chosen one, in 2018 you should get married in August or in October.

Capricorn wedding horoscope 2018 prediction

It will be hard to make an important step in the relationship with your beloved. Capricorns often can’t decide between career and family. Although, the wedding horoscope 2018 tells us that it’s a perfect time to get married for a Capricorn. Your partner will not only be a part of your new family but also could help you in work matters and serve as your ideas generator. If you’re planning to marry next year, better do it in mid-spring, September or late autumn.

Aquarius wedding horoscope 2018 prediction

Aquarius has a hard time with making decisions, and especially when it comes to the wedding. But you have to seriously consider the possibility of creating a family and having kids in the upcoming year. If an Aquarius has a person who he truly loves and sees as a lifelong companion, don’t waste your time and marry them as soon as possible. In the year of the Yellow Dog better set the wedding date in March, April or May.

Pisces wedding horoscope 2018 prediction

Pisces are light-headed and mysterious only at the first glance. But if you look at them carefully, they’re really seeking the person they can marry and officially live together with. In the year of the Yellow Dog, they can feel an urge to be faithful and caring partner stronger than ever. If Pisces is in love and can’t imagine their life without a certain person, they can safely choose a wedding date. The wedding horoscope 2018 recommends them to schedule a ceremony for spring or summer.


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