Life After 50? What Can We Learn From Celebrities?


Is There Life After 50? Look How Kris Kardashian Celebrated Her Anniversary!

The Kardashians are holding the first lines of the world ratings of popularity. The recent anniversary of Kris Jenner, the mother of the family, became the most discussed event in the Internet. Kris decided to celebrate her birthday in the style of the 1920th based on the novel and movie “The Great Gatsby” of the same name. There were feathers, spangles, champagne and dances till the next morning. Nobody would tell that Kris is 60 years old now!

How to live happily when you are old and tired. Tips how to have taste to life

She is mother of six children, she has four grandchildren, she is a successful television producer and a celebrity. It seems that for this woman her age is no more than just a figure in the passport. Despite the seeming cloudlessness, her private life was not always a fairy tale. Two divorces and the loud scandal related to the sex reassignment of her latter husband, Bruce Jenner. Despite blow, Kris continues to love life in all her manifestations.

Unfortunately, not each 50-year-old woman can brag of such cheerfulness. Some completely forget about themselves for sake of their family, others cease to expect something new to happen and forget about themselves. The diagnosis is clear: most women lose taste to life too early. And, certainly, we should fight against it.

Kim Kardashian and her sisters pose for a photo. How to move on when you are a middle-aged woman

An expert comments on the matter

Have you already seen Kris Jenner’s (Kim Kardashian’s mother) anniversary? She spent two million dollars and had a party in The Great Gatsby style! It is clear that few people can celebrate in such a way, but nevertheless 50-year-old women lead a quite different life if they live abroad. Have you ever thought why? I‘ll tell you my personal observations as I’ve been living in Europe for several years now.

A party at the age of 50. How to love yourself and never forget about personal care

We all know that the standard of living in the European countries can vary. But the European lifestyle remains roughly the same. Their style is reduced to the fact that they are less nervous on the whole, they may have some innate instinct of self-preservation and love for themselves.

They lead active lifestyle: walk, run, jump, ride a bike, travel. You should not think that only “prosperous” foreigners can afford it, it is not so. If they cannot afford to buy a bicycle, they will buy sticks for walking, but they never sit on a bench and discuss neighbors. They never sit on the bench at all!

Why are the European women special? All what you need to do to stay young

They never sponsor their children till they retire and they are very well-groomed. They do the hair, dye it, do manicure and cover nails. 90% women use perfumery, like to have accessories like scarfs, handbags, and purses. The European old ladies almost always have jewelry, sometimes even too much of it. They wear high shoes or patent leather boots and this isn’t surprising. Of course, you can say that their life is easier, that the state takes care of them, and find a great deal of excuses why we cannot live like they do. But these are only excuses! That’s why I’ll give you three short recommendations how to become a European lady:

Tip №1 Children

That’s what corrupts our women. We are used to living up to the lives of our children, and we tend to forget about our own life. We give them money till we retire, we help them to find employment, we worry about them. Europeans never do so. They don’t participate in their children’s life. Do you remember why we need parents? We need them to teach us to live independently, that’s where their mission comes to an end.

Tip №2 Spare time

If you don’t work, walk on foot, ride a bicycle or take sticks for walking, instead of watching “ladies’ shows” where they give useless advice. Have you noticed that there are a lot of programmes in which they treat people using alternative medicine? Are we really so sick?

Tip №3 Personal care

I don’t suggest making laser corrections or injecting Botox. But such elementary things as a haircut, manicure and a light make-up have never harmed anybody!

As my granny says (and she follows this rule at the age of 75): “The woman shouldn’t even take out the garbage without make-up!”. 

There are ladies in this country who never sit on the bench, so why shouldn’t we follow their example? It doesn’t require millions of dollars, you should only have love to yourself and desire. Love yourself!


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