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The Horoscope is a table of stars location at the time of a person’s birth that medieval astrologers drawn up for mystical prediction of human fate.

At all the stages of human development people have always sought to expand their abilities in the prevention of mental disorder with oneself, with family and with society in which they lived and live. They have been trying to find and understand the role of typical features of different characters and to learn how to build and settle their relationships with others – at home, at work, on vacation. Official social sciences, unfortunately, were not up to the mark in this respect. They were not able to give answers to many questions in the field of human knowledge of oneself. Hence persistence of astrology and popularity of zodiac (or space) horoscopes.

A modern Horoscope is a kind of projection on the celestial equator plane of the ecliptic divided into 12 zodiac signs, for three decades each.

The circle of the celestial equator consists of 12 parts (or houses), associated with different aspects of life, such as family, wealth, friends, marriage, death, etc. on one side and with various parts of the human body, for example, breast, thighs, etc. on the other one.

Each house includes the ecliptic parts very different in length, depending on the celestial sphere position. Planets are distributed among the various houses according to their real position on the ecliptic, influencing this or that way.

Besides planets, nodes of the lunar orbit and a particular point associated with the position of the Sun and the Moon are important. The influence of planets can be amplified or attenuated, depending on the zodiac sign in which a planet is, as well as on a relative position of planets towards each other.

Zodiac signs

Zodiac signs represent 12 sectors of 30 degrees on which the belt of the celestial sphere where there is a visible annual movement of the Sun (the zodiac belt) is divided. Each sector is one of the zodiac signs and is called by the zodiacal constellations. The Sun stays in each zodiac sign for about a month and passes to another zodiac sign in the second half of each month. The zodiac signs definition by month starts from the vernal equinox along the path of the sun. By months, or more exactly by dates, the zodiac signs are located in this belt on the celestial sphere in the following order: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

Along the zodiac belt not only the Sun moves but also the planets of the solar system that during their path through the zodiac shift occasionally north or south of the zodiac belt. This method of dividing the zodiac into parts was formed in the Middle East in the middle of I millennium BC.

The names of the zodiac signs are associated with the zodiac constellations that corresponded to them at the time of the appearance of the zodiac division in astrology, although in later centuries due to the precessional shift of the Earth axis the stars and constellations have shifted so that now most of the astronomy zodiac constellations are projected to the next zodiac sign.

However, since the fact that signs are divided into sectors and linked to real zodiac constellations is purely conventional, the western astrology works with the tropical zodiac (without taking into account the precessional shift of the Earth axis). The starting point for the tropical zodiac is the Vernal Equinox. This point is the beginning of the first zodiac sign – Aries.

The names of the zodiac constellations are derived from Greek mythology and were widely spread in the Hellenistic period. Because most of the zodiac constellations depict living creatures, then this explains the term “zodiac” itself – that is, a “menagerie.”


Numerology is an ancient esoteric science of numbers. It is often called the magic of numbers, but in fact, this science is much closer to astrology than to magic.

Numerology is based on the following principle: all multidigit numbers can be reduced to a single digit (prime numbers from 1 to 9) corresponding to certain occult characteristics that influence human life. That is, every single digit has particular properties, concepts, and images. Since the alphabet letters can have a numeric expression through their serial number, any words or names are subject to the same numerological operations as numbers.

Every soul of man is connected with one’s personal numerological code. Numerical relations bring good, joy and prosperity as well as evil, misery and decline. A person who understood the meaning of his or her mystical numerological code becomes a free creator of his or her destiny.

Numerology together with astrology help to determine a character, natural talents, strengths, and weaknesses, to predict the future, to discover the most appropriate time to make decisions and to act. With the help of numerology, it is possible to choose partners – in business or marriage. Try to unravel the mysteries of numbers influencing our destiny.

With the method of numerological calculations, it is possible to draw up a numerological horoscope for anything. The square of Pythagoras and the number of fate are calculated by the date of birth, and the number of the name is calculated by the letters of the name.


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