How People Lie According To Their Zodiac Signs


Does Your Partner or Friend Lie to You? Find Out!

Psychologists believe that all people lie, at least occasionally. This applies even to those who say that they are honest-to-goodness. Some people prefer to exaggerate their achievements, and others cover up important facts. Astrology can help you to understand how representatives of various zodiac signs lie.

How Does Aries Lie?

On the whole, Aries people prefer telling the truth. Especially when it concerns a love relationship. An Aries is not the person who will show passion when in reality his or her heart is cold as stone. Representatives of this zodiac sign will make it clear that they are interested in a relationship with you and will not hide it when their love is gone. By the way, Aries are straightforward in business too. At the same time, if they do lie about something, it is difficult to catch them in the act because they resort to doing it only in extraordinary circumstances and put a lot of effort into making up a fake story.

How Does Taurus Lie?

Taurus is diplomatic, and they value harmony in any relationship. If they don’t like anyone in their social environment, they try to keep away from this person. They do not like telling lies because they are simply not interested in it. However, you should not ask them if this dress looks well on you because you will probably hear a lie. Taurus people are famous for their ability to avoid a direct answer. But if they want to impress you by their achievements in love or business, they will tell inventive lies. Taurus tries to avoid blatant lies, and it is likely that he or she will change the subject in order not to tell you the truth.

How Does Gemini Lie?

If they need to tell a lie, Gemini representatives will do it without batting an eyelid; besides, they will make up filigree details. This is what makes their lies so convincing. As Gemini people are communicative and intelligent, they always find evidence to prove what they say, and this is why it is quite difficult to give the lie in their throat. Imagine how hard it can be to find a soft spot in a lie that is made of millions of details. The Gemini has already predicted all the ways in which you can react to his words and created a perfect illusion.

Telling lies is a bad habit. And if your partner does it on a regular basis, you should know about it.

How Does Cancer Lie?

Cancer people wince when they find out that they have to lie about something. The reason is not their natural honesty – they just don’t find pleasure in telling lies. Besides, they get tired of remembering all the small details of their lie. They’d rather shrink into themselves. Representatives of this zodiac sign often lie to themselves. Therefore, if a Cancer decides to tell lies, he or she has some clear reasons for it – for example, they may try to protect their family.

How Does Leo Lie?

These drama queens often resort to lies – for example, to exaggerate their achievements. Their lie is rarely a weapon against anybody because the only thing representatives of this zodiac sign care about is standing out of the crowd. In order to achieve their goal, they add up to their image a couple of bright details that in reality can be false. Besides, people born under this zodiac sign tolerate it when other people try to do the same. Their aim is to attract public attention by telling lies.

How Does Virgo Lie?

Virgo is wise enough this is why they do not tell petty lies, and if they do lie, they invent something creative and complicated. Their sharp mind helps them to remember small details, and it will be difficult for you to catch them red-handed. In business Virgo people often have a good reputation that helps them to distract attention from their lies.  In love Virgo representatives may seem to be quite passionate when in fact they are not, but there should be a reason for such behavior. Most often people born under this zodiac sign lie to protect their family, love or career.

Your partner is a liar. The question is whether he tells only white lies or lies big, for example, cheats on you

How Does Libra Lie?

Libra people sometimes lie if they think this is a way to keep good relations with people that are close to them. Representatives of this zodiac sign usually give generous praise with a drop of flattery. Thus, Libra tries to keep the balance between their psychological well-being and good relationship with you. Their lies are quite innocent, and sometimes they are even necessary. The world where everybody tells the only truth is Libra’s nightmare. People born under this zodiac sign don’t like to tell lies, but they do it if they cherish the relationship and are afraid of losing it.

How Does Scorpio Lie?

Scorpio people are skillful liars. They rarely tell blatant lies, but at the same time, they often hide some private information they don’t want to share with other people. Even their relatives and friends are often unaware of their secrets. Besides, it is not an easy task to deceive a Scorpio – they see through their interlocutor and catch the smallest nonverbal cues. Scorpio’s lies are not spontaneous, and they are elaborated and serve a certain purpose. Scorpio is not alien to nobility, so they prefer lying to people who are stronger or more influential and avoid weak opponents.

How Does Sagittarius Lie?

Sagittarius people are puzzled by the idea that they need to lie at some point in their life. If the situation gets uncomfortable, they won’t lie – they will try to change it as fast as they can. Sagittarius’ straightforwardness makes their lies highly improbable. However, we should note that sometimes Sagittarius representatives do lie to make a good impression on their interlocutor. The optimistic Sagittarius tries to find advantages in any situation and explain their point of view to other people – they don’t need to window-dress the reality to make it seem better.

How Does Capricorn Lie?

Capricorn representatives tell lies only in extraordinary circumstances. However, if they do lie, it may difficult to bring it to light because they rehearse what they say and do. But it should be noted that they are famous for their honesty. Capricorn never exaggerates his or her achievements, but they tell white lies to help the common cause. Capricorn people try to keep away from making up complicated stories with intricate plots. Their lies are concrete and minimal because for them it is the last resort.

How Does Aquarius Lie?

Aquarius representatives are so absent-minded that it is not difficult to understand when they are lying. They can get lost in the invented details. But most often they have no reason to lie because the reality for them is brighter than any fairytale. And if they do tell lies, they fill them with incredible details and unusual characters. You should not tell them right in the face that you know that they are lying because such comments can hurt their self-esteem. However open they may seem, Aquarius representatives are vulnerable. They cherish their fragile inner peace and sometimes lie to protect it.

How Does Pisces Lie?

As good psychologists, Pisces are bad liars because they cannot understand why they should deceive anyone. Why should they cover up the truth when they can tell it right in the face? However, sometimes Pisces do lie, but it happens only if they have some reasons for it that are embodied in their emotions. They don’t want to hurt the feelings of a person they love, so they hide the truth or exaggerate facts. But if you catch a Pisces red-handed, don’t accuse them because there is a chance that it was a white lie and in fact, they just didn’t want to hurt you. People born under this zodiac sign are not comfortable about lying, but sometimes they do it to protect people they love.


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