How To Get An Answer To A Question In A Dream?


What Can You Do To Get Answers In Your Dream?

A dream can bind us with the information field which will give prompts, will help us look into the near future and get answers to important questions! Here is a special practice to work with dreams. While we are sleeping, the physiology of the body relaxes, but the brain and the subconscious continue to work actively. Due to stress, anxiety and fatigue, sleep can intensify our fears, so, information from an intuitive channel is often not remembered after you wake up.

Preparing to Practice

To get an answer in a dream to an important question for you, or find a solution to a difficult problem, you need to prepare for a special practice. Try to calm down a few hours before bedtime. It is possible to carry out meditation for relaxation, use an aroma lamp or incense that appeases you. It is advisable not to think about bad things, not to conflict and not to get angry before practice; otherwise, aggressive emotions can negatively affect the outcome. Before going to bed, pour a glass of clean water and put it at the head of the bed.

Carrying out the practice of getting answers in a dream

Focus on the question you are asking. It should be important to you at this very moment; you shouldn’t put a question out of curiosity in any circumstances. Write down your question on paper, specifying it in fine detail. Put the piece of paper with your notes under a glass of water.

Falling asleep, focus your attention on your question, think in the affirmative: today I will get an answer in a dream, I will remember it and will be able to use this information for the good. Imagine how you immerse in the clean water, going deeper and deeper, where no sunlight penetrates. Thus, you will be able to establish contact with your own subconscious and information channel.

In the morning, after you wake up, drink slow by sips the water from your glass, trying not to think about anything and not to talk to anyone. Read carefully the question written on the paper, turning the other side of the sheet; start to write the answer automatically. If you have any memories of the dream or you could immediately get a response, write down all the details. Then, an hour later, read what you wrote. You may find that you do not remember it, that this information is unexpected for you. In this case, the practice succeeded; without logic and false assessments, it proves that you have worked with an intuitive channel when sleeping.

To get an answer to your question in a dream, you just need to carry out the proposed practice several times. Over time, you will learn to work with this technique so well that you will be surprised at the accuracy of the results!

If you have any doubts and difficulties in interpretation – and it is possible with a constant nervous tension, when the brain even during sleep is working to solve your problem – it is necessary to ask for help in esotericism. Taro readers will help you to understand the symbolism of your dreams, astrologers will analyze the value according to the lunar days, and numerologists can predict the time frame in which you will be able to solve your problems.

Each of us can develop our abilities, working with dreams to establish a connection with the information space and to strengthen intuition makings, remember this! Have a successful practice!


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