Food Horoscope


Food Horoscope for all the Zodiac signs:

As it is known, one way to impress someone is by delicious food. To know the Zodiac sign of a person could help to learn about his food preferences.

Favourite food of Aries

Ardent and impatient Aries representatives won’t refuse a quick spicy snack. Chili pepper and some tomatoes won’t be out of place in everyday recipes and are quite suitable for a romantic supper too. By the way, Aries won’t be against combining a slow meal with watching some show, that’s why even if you invite your beloved Ram for a meal with candles, take care that there are enough of other experiences.

Favourite food of Taurus

Taurus is a known gourmet and it can be quite difficult to guess his food predilections. But it can be possible if you look through some cookery book written by a famous chef of some well-known restaurant. Taurus prefers traditional cuisine, even though some elements of exotic ethnic cuisine can be suitable too. And don’t forget: everything on the table of Taurus should be perfectly served.

favourite food for zodiac signFavourite food of Gemini

Gemini representatives are democratic and curious, that’s why they won’t refuse to try something new that smells delicious. Spices and seasonings are your secret weapon if you wish to impress your favorite Gemini. Tireless collectors of all sorts of stories as they are, Gemini will try a dish featured in their favorite novel or movie with great pleasure. Even the simplest foods will be eaten with delight if accompanied with some intrigue or an interesting story.

Favourite food of Cancer

Cancer likes simple homemade food and often chooses expensive restaurants according to this principle too. If you want to impress a Cancer, learn unobtrusively what he liked eating in his childhood and prepare to look once more into some books about tasty and healthy food. Winning the heart of a Cancer you’ll learn how to bake ‘childhood’ pies, prepare delicious cutlets, beetroot soup and at the same time, you’ll probably master about twenty simple but irreplaceable dish recipes.

Favourite food of Leo

Leos like fun, noisy parties and attention from their friends, what has an influence on their food preferences. If you think how you can impress your loved Leo, try to master some meat recipes, and if the weather is good and you have this possibility, go to the countryside for some barbecue. The best spice for a barbecue for Leo is a company of friends and a fun party. And if you decided to have a dinner for two, meat dishes should still be the main food on your table.

Favourite food of Virgo

Virgos like not only healthy food despite a stereotyped view. From time to time they fall on desserts, oriental sweets and high-calorie salads with great pleasure. Always busy Virgo would certainly like homemade food made with love in a lunchbox. Be sure, Virgos value not only the taste of food but who made it and with what kind of attitude too. That’s why the best seasoning for food made for your loved Virgo would be care and attention.

Favourite food of Libra

Libra adores chocolate and fine wines, but won’t refuse to try a new trendy dish. When you invite your loved Libra for a romantic dinner, look about outward aesthetics – a perfect serving, candles, nice music. There can be not a lot of dishes on the table, but they should look beautiful and solemn. This applies also to simple, everyday snacks – even preparing breakfast, show some fantasy and decorate your usual food with greens and vegetables.

Favourite food of Scorpio

Scorpios like hot spicy foods with multidimensional taste and elaborate smell. ‘Down with insipid and lean food!’– that can be your culinary motto if you want to impress a Scorpio. Savoury sauces, meat dishes, desserts with a note of cognac – rare Scorpio would be indifferent to such a gastronomic palette. Also, note that many Scorpios have a settled attachment to some dish they have been liking from their childhood. When you know this food secret, you will be able to charm your Scorpio.

cooking horoscope to zodiac signsFavourite food of Sagittarius

Sagittarius likes food experiments with world cuisine. If your favorite Sagittarius has a soft spot for some country or people, you should try to make some ethnic recipe of this culture. Yes, it can be hard to make sushi at home in the beginning, but the gratitude of a satisfied and happy Sagittarius is worth it. By the way, when you choose a place where you want to pass a soiree with a Sagittarius, keep in mind ethnic restaurants where both menu and surroundings are dedicated to some culture, country or ethnos.

Favourite food of Capricorn

Capricorns like traditions, and you can tell that looking at their gastronomic habits. If you prepare a festive dinner, absolutely include traditional dishes in the menu, like a turkey for a Christmas meal. Representatives of this sign don’t like fatty or oily dishes but consume light and nutritious food with great pleasure. Mushrooms, nuts, and greens will be a desired addition both to everyday meals and festive dishes.

Favourite food of Aquarius

Aquarius will taste with pleasure unusual dishes, they like to combine all sorts of different culinary traditions and step back easily from set rules of food preparation. By the way, they won’t refuse a picnic in the countryside, even if there will be only sandwiches. But see that these sandwiches have multilayer filling and think out the leisure programme. It will be better if the picnic is in a company of friends, but even if you are in private with your loved Aquarius, it’s better to eat tasty homemade sandwiches looking at the beauty of nature.

Favourite food of Pisces

Pisces would never refuse light and fragrant soups, homemade meat dumplings or bakery. The main secret of a Fish’s gastronomic preferences is the importance of an atmosphere of the meal. It is better if the meal is in private with their soul mate with their favorite movie. Pisces like compound aromas of food and interweaving of different gustatory notes. Romantically inclined Pisces will appreciate sweets with cognac or oysters – of course with candles and good music.


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