Everyone Has His Zodiac Sign


Different People – Different Zodiac Signs

In our world, thousands of people with similar traits of character, motives for actions and behavior stereotypes are born. Astrologers explain this similarity by the indisputable fact – the date of birth and the influence of celestial bodies’ position on human destiny. At the moment of a person’s birth, celestial bodies occupy a particular place towards the Sun. The annual path of the Sun among stars is conditionally divided into twelve equal parts marked by special symbols of constellations close to them, called zodiac signs. Each zodiac sign has its period of activity:

One or two planets rule each zodiac sign: Aries – Mars, Taurus – Venus, Gemini – Mercury, Cancer  Moon, Leo – Sun, Virgo – Mercury, Libra – Venus, Scorpio – Mars and Pluto, Sagittarius – Jupiter, Capricorn – Saturn, Aquarius – Uranus and Saturn, Pisces – Jupiter and Neptune.

Zodiac signs and planets

These planets give people certain traits of character:

Sun (Leo): active self-demonstration in the world, strong creativity, a source of vitality, dignity, self-sufficiency, credibility, pride, independence, integrity, stability, generosity, artistry, striving to patronize and help others, love for holidays, entertainment, luxury, the ability to get over smarts quickly and to stretch out joy for a long time.

Moon (Cancer): adaptability to the environment, passive survival, strong imagination, affection, romance, poetry, reverie, melancholy, petulance, sensitivity, changeability, instability, sensitivity, sensibility, sentimentality, distraction, attachment to hearth and home.

Mercury (Gemini, Virgo): analytical thinking, constant movement, curiosity, judiciousness, sensitivity to information,     the gift for languages, communication skills, flexibility, detachment, cunning, agility, craft, willingness to compromise, developed eloquence.

Venus (Taurus, Libra): sensuality, emotionality, harmony and beauty, love of comfort, a sense of fairness, friendliness, dislike of conflicts, sexuality, seriousness, elegance, charm, attractiveness, flexibility, reliability, strong creativity, tendency to feel sorry for yourself, the ability to quickly get out of depression;

Mars (Aries, Scorpio): aspiration to leadership, enthusiasm, courage, determination, inability to feign, rejection of gossips and intrigue, arrogance, impatience, carelessness, straightness, persistence, impulsiveness, excitability, irascibility, subordination to passions;

Jupiter (Sagittarius, Pisces): confidence, self-esteem, commitment, reliability, solemnity, respectability, the ability to see the general without going into detail, self-assessment taking into account different opinions, orientation in space, intolerance to competitors, capacity to direct and coordinate actions of others, to see one’s place and a place of others in the world, to catch unfavorable moments and choose allies, guidance by affair considerations rather than by personal advantage;

Saturn (Capricorn, Aquarius): conservatism, adherence to habits, traditions, old friends, logical and concrete thinking, based on experience, a sense of duty, insularity, isolation, patience, unsociability, resoluteness, surliness, pedantry, stability of existence, persistence, punctuality , concreteness, distrustfulness, skepticism, poor adaptability to new things, industry, distinction the personal and the collective, respect for elders, for figures of authority, poor communication skills;

Uranus (Aquarius): intuitive thinking, super-conscious, telepathic and supernormal mental capacity, aspiration to something new and peculiar, love of freedom, independence, non-recognition of authority and conventions, indomitable will, assertiveness, self-confidence, rejection of the past, ambition of the future, democratic nature, resistance to material difficulties;

Neptune (Pisces): developed subconscious, intuition, clairvoyance, music and poetry abilities, a subtle sense of harmony and rhythm, religiousness, empathy, petulance, instability, willingness to compromise, frequent melancholy, craving for utopia and mysticism, romance, reverie, striving for procreation, lack of integrity;

Pluto (Scorpio): activity, assertiveness, inner strength, great perseverance, team spirit, strength, concrete thinking, striving for transformation and destruction of old forms, rejection of romance and sentimentality, the ability to organize mass movements.

Zodiac signs and elements

Zodiac signs have nature of the four elements: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. People born under the signs of the same element have similar temperament and general physiological and psychological characteristics:

Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): activity, self-sufficiency, independence, integrity of perception and action, low susceptibility to external impulses;

Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): concreteness, practicality, procrastination in perception of the new, poor adaptability;

Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): mobility, sociability, the ability to quickly switch from one subject to another, striving for cooperation;

Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): high sensitivity, sensibility, psyche flexibility, the constancy of habits, immersion into the inner world of feelings.

How to determine a zodiac sign

At all times, astronomers have seen in people the universe in miniature. Zodiac signs in space correspond to particular parts of the body: Aries – head, Taurus – neck, Gemini – arms, Cancer – breast, Leo – back, Virgin – belly, Libra – loin, Scorpio – genitals, Sagittarius – buttocks, thighs, Capricorn – knees, Aquarius – calves, Pisces – feet.

By studying the characteristics of people belonging to a particular zodiac sign, we should remember that a person born in one of the three last days of a sign period borrows traits of character the next zodiac sign. For the correct determination of his or her zodiac sign, a person born on the first or last day of a sign period should know the exact time of birth and longitude and latitude of the place of birth. Only in this case, it is possible to judge whether the Sun has moved to a different zodiac sign.


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