“Why doesn’t my horoscope come true” – our answer to the popular question


Why can your horoscope be wrong?

I write a column of weekly horoscopes in the magazine “ReadStars.” Different readers’ comments from “nothing came true” to “straight to the point” always interested me. I wondered why this happened? And what in fact “the general horoscope” is, whether there is any sense in it. As a result, I’ve come to some interesting conclusions which I want to share with you.

How to make a horoscope?

How an astrologer makes a forecast? He uses a point from which he then counts all the events. In an individual horoscope, this point is called the Ascendant. It is related to a person’s time and place of birth. Parts of a horoscope responsible for money, work, love, friends, children, and many other things are counted from the Ascendant. The Ascendant shows a person – not his inner essence, but what the world sees. His body, appearance, manners, position towards the world. For example, if the Ascendant is in Aries, such a man looks friendly and open, he has a proactive stance towards everything that is happening around and he considers it compulsory to take part in everything.

But since the general horoscope is made for people of the same sign (ex. for Aries), it is impossible to find the Ascendant by the individual data – simply because there are no such data. There is an extensive range of dates when the Sun passes through the sign of Aries, the geographical coordinates of the globe and the period from 0:00 to 24:00. I have no idea how other astrologers solve the problem of calculations. I put the Ascendant at the beginning of this sign; that is to say, I closely attach the external side (the Ascendant) and the inner side, the key in a person (the Sun).

If the Ascendant is the body, the Sun is the life force. The Ascendant without the Sun is, sorry, a corpse. The Ascendant is manners and style of communication; the Sun is a character, striking features, capacities, and desires. Everything that is related to human activity in the world and his interactions with the world: work, family, hobbies, friends, is counted from the Ascendant. The sun may not be visible to anyone, it’s personal, the inner world. It’s easier to put pressure on a person’s Ascendant – the chief ordered and everybody complies with the dress code. To press on the sun is difficult; it’s not clothes that you can change but our most important features. Pressure on the Sun leads to a severe psychological breakdown or an identity crisis.

Horoscope for a zodiacal sign indicates only events, not their perception

An individual horoscope shows us events and how they affect an individual’s place in the world (married/divorced, made a career/retired, etc.). A daily horoscope shows us how events reflect in the personal growth. If the general forecast indicates that today there will be no money for Aries (Taurus, Gemini, etc.), money can come at the everyday level, even a lot of money. But a person won’t find money for individual development or satisfaction of his or her desires, coming from the depths of the soul. There will be no cent for this purpose; everything will be spent on unnecessary things: on purchases under the influence of advertising or friends, on useless things (although he or she may think another way), on other people.

If the general horoscope says about problems in communication, even the most pleasant communication at the everyday level will be useless or even harmful for individual growth. For example, you have conceived to do your first painting. You don’t need it for money, but for the soul, for self-expression. And then you are introduced to a prominent artist. He’s cute; he likes you, and he willingly talks about the work. From the everyday point of view, this meeting is, surely, pleasant. But as a result, you lost faith in yourself and decided that you would never be so talented, and you did not begin to paint or painted worse than you could. That is, the meeting did harm to the individual.

Therefore, general horoscopes indicate only those events that affect a personality. They are good or bad by what they bring to our identity, not to our role in the world.

So, whose horoscopes come true?

Horoscopes are 100% true only for people having the strong Sun – a strong personality, a striking character, self-sufficiency, self-esteem, and awareness of their personal desires. For such people, the worldly is secondary, and personal development is primary. Such people don’t do what they don’t like to. They express themselves in work, find a pair of love and relax as they want.

More often a horoscope is not always right – and that’s OK. We are too busy in the pace of modern life, we often have no time to listen to ourselves, and events affecting our position disturb us so much that we don’t notice their influence on our personality – we just have no time. Moreover, we often sacrifice our personal interests because of social benefits or liabilities: we go to an unloved work, we make friends with random people or if it is advantageous.

But if horoscopes never come true, it is a cause for alarm – this person may live on an imposed scenario and may have become just a chief-colleague-friend-parent, having lost his or her essence beyond social roles.


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