How Does The Day Of Birth Influence The Human Character?


How Does The Character Depend On The Day Of Birth?

Each of us has a particular character. It is formed depending on many factors, but one of the principal ones is the day of birth. In astrology, each weekday corresponds to a certain planet. It imposes an emotional background to the human life journey. Do you want to learn more about yourself, your family and relatives? Find out in a calendar what weekday you were born on and read your characteristics!

  • Monday (Moon)
  • Tuesday (Mars)
  • Wednesday(Mercury)
  • Thursday (Jupiter)
  • Friday (Venus)
  • Saturday (Saturn)
  • Sunday (Sun)

Monday (Moon)

Those born on Monday pass everything through their heart. They have so many feelings that their heart has to work hard, getting to know the world on the emotional level. The moon has a negative energy, and people under its protection collect it throughout their life. Even if their life is great, they will find sufferings in another place. People born on Monday are romantic and melancholic, not disposed to physical work and solving everyday problems. They prefer to go with the flow. Their home and family are crucial to them. They will be successful only if a loving wife (husband) and children will be waiting for them at home. They early fall in love, and feelings are usually sincere and marriages are happy.

Tuesday (Mars)

In the life of “Martians”, all things are moving just like lightning. Even in youth they can achieve a lot, become a powerful man, and create a family. They are initiative, able to do any work quickly, and they hate those who love the process more than the result. They are impulsive, and it makes them first say and do, and only then think whether the words and actions were correct. Brave and strong. They grasp the information in a single flash, but then it often turns out that their knowledge is superficial and shallow. They are smart and consistent. They take with a grain of salt everything they do not like.

Wednesday (Mercury)

Regardless of the year of birth mentioned in a passport, “Mercurians” are always young and agile; they have good health and mood even in old age. Since they badly need changes in life, they often change their opinion. The recipe for happiness for such people is simple: the richer their life is, the happier they are. Since the planet Mercury represents freedom, the people of Wednesday do not accept prohibitions and restrictions. “Mercurians” are peacekeepers who hate scandals and quarrels. Predisposed to commerce, they always have a lot of plans. There are also a lot of enemies, as they sometimes abuse pressure on others.

Thursday (Jupiter)

“All at once” – these words describe “Jupiterians” the best. They prefer to come with a wet sail to their great purposes. Dreaming of becoming influential, they often overestimate their actual capabilities. Their success depends on the goodwill of influential people. Having reached a certain social status, they can themselves support those people whose fate is important to them. One of the main advantages of the people born on Thursday is kindness. They are willing to share the latest only to help a person in a difficult life situation. The “Jupiterians” often have problems with the opposite sex. Career and business can take a lot of time and energy, leaving nothing for a family.

Friday (Venus)

People born on Friday, are particular about life conditions. They can’t be happy living in a God-forsaken village, dressed in clothes from stores of lower-income brands or using public transport. They need comfort, luxury, and pleasures. They are in thrall to feelings and emotions, and they often put them above common sense. Since Venus protects the beauty, “Venusians” always look after their health, appearance and style. They have a delicate taste. They always look as if they leapt from the pages of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Venus gave them the love for money, and for even a small but steady income. They prefer not to engage in an activity that doesn’t bring pleasure.

Saturday (Saturn)

Those born on Saturday are, frankly speaking, out of luck. They take their life like a cross that they are to bear for many years. No matter how good life conditions are, they will suffer anyway. A few optimists lost among this group of sufferers are distinguished only by the fact that they can take a philosophical approach to difficulties in life and endure “gifts” of Destiny. They are harsh and emotionally stingy, demanding and cruel which repels near and dear ones, but contributes to tremendous success in career and business. They can work hard. They are ready to do anything for a steady income. They are conservative, so, it’s hard to them to change habits, they create their life as they think best.

Sunday (Sun)

People under the Sun feel like real creators. They have so many ideas, but, unfortunately, so little time to carry out all the plans. They often just live in a world of their fantasies. They are optimists, always smile and exude positive energy. Unlike the people born on Monday, they gather around them, similar solar people. Fate does not remain indifferent to them – the Sun people have a lot of pleasant surprises in their life. As people born on Friday, they are not indifferent to luxury. They demonstrate nobility of soul, being generous and presenting gifts. They are kind and merciful to the people around. They can’t stand alone. The Sunday People know how to plan and prioritize, to achieve their goals. Erudition and independence make them leaders in all.


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