What are the dangers of the Tarot used without a specialist?


Why using Tarot cards by yourself can be dangerous?

Tarot cards are a sophisticated system of knowledge and a chance of contact with the Subtle World. It is not only a way of divination but also a connection to the energy of other worlds, which require a considerable expenditure of your resources.

The use of the Tarot without training by a specialist and setting protection can lead to the fact that you get a significant outflow of energy, insomnia, fatigue, emotional disorders, and other effects. It happens for the reason that divination opens energy channels through which information flows, and if you don’t close them after a session, your resources will be emptied.

How to read the Tarot by yourself?

To use the Tarot and not to do harm to your health and energy, it is important to observe with discipline all the rules.

First, you need to sanctify your deck to remove alien energy from it and sensitize it to your vibrations. Be sure to get a Master dedication that will tell you how to protect yourself energetically and close yourself after using cards.

If you want to use the Tarot for meditation practices, it is important to learn how to control one’s inner world, to know the definite principles of work. Of course, there is a large body of literature on how to learn to read the Tarot, but it won’t protect you from adverse effects of cards. An experienced Tarot reader is aware of all the pitfalls, so he or she sets protection and uses cards as a working tool.

You shouldn’t use cards just to satisfy curiosity. It creates the risk that a deck can start to deceive you, and law frequencies substances can join your biofield, causing a powerful energy outflow. There have been cases of mental disorders after the Tarot “hobby”. All this happens because many people underestimate the mysterious and fatal influence of Tarot cards; they don’t take into account the link between cards and their owner and the contact with the parallel worlds.

Before using the Tarot by yourself, I advise you to consult the master by all means, so that you receive protection and dedication and experience no adverse effects. The specialist will also help you determine what kind of a Tarot deck suits you best, what cards you should use for divination, and which are best suited for meditation practices. Be careful and cautious in dealing with the Tarot. Otherwise, your subtle energy plan will continue to dwindle.


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