How to choose a Tarot deck fitting you: advice for beginners


How can you understand that a Tarot deck fits you?

Tarot cards are a very powerful tool for divination, fortune-telling, and spiritual development. But each Tarot deck has its characteristics. Our expert will help you deal with them.

How to choose a Tarot deck in accordance with the purpose?

For a start, let me remind you the indisputable truth: if you have a well-developed intuition, you should first of all trust your feelings and inner impulses when choosing a Tarot deck to work with. But even in this case, you should pay attention to the fact that there are different tarot decks for various purposes.

For divination, it is better to use classical decks, for example, or Wirth Tarot or Rider-Waite Tarot.

For meditation practices it is necessary to choose the cards, the symbolism of which is pleasant for you and clear without going into detail in meaning interpretation. It may be, for example, or Osho Tarot or Elemental Tarot.

Today there is a vast selection of Tarot cards, and each deck has its characteristics and complexity of use. If you can’t choose the first deck with which you will start to practice, I advise you to pay attention to several decks that you can quickly find information about: Wirth Tarot, Crowley Tarot, Waite Tarot and Tarot of Marseilles. Working with one of these decks, you can quickly understand the basics of divination and get the first practical results.

For those who want to use the Tarot not only as a divination tool but also as a way of spiritual development, psychological studies and various esoteric practices, I recommend trusting their perceptions, choosing cards by tactile sensations. Most cards of prestigious publishers are vacuum-packed, but you can find their pictures on the Internet or in a magazine.

How to choose a Tarot deck by tactile sensations?

Taking a deck in hand, try to keep track of your feelings. The Tarot deck, which will be in harmony with your energy, will cause a sense of calm, peace, joy, ease, perhaps heat in the limbs, or pulsation in the spine (you may also feel a burning sensation or tingling in the area of the third eye) – these are the signs of the true choice. You should not take the cards, in contact with which you feel indifference, doubt, cold in the limbs, a strong pulsation, increased heart rate or other negative vibrations.

How to choose a Tarot deck with the help of a pendulum?

If you work with a pendulum, you can safely use it to select the Tarot cards. It is important to state clearly your question (a purpose for cards use) to get the answer “yes” or “no.” For example, you put in front of you one of the selected decks and ask a question through pendulum: “Do these cards fit me for divination?”, “Do these cards fit me for divination about myself?”, “Do these cards fit me for love divination?”, “Do these cards fit me for finance divination?”, “Do these cards are suitable for my meditative practices and successful self-improvement?”… The vibrations of your pendulum will give a clear response that will allow you to choose the right deck for yourself.

When choosing Tarot cards you are to be aware that you should not take someone else’s cards that have the previous owner’s energy. You can’t be sure that first you will buy one deck, and if you don’t like it, you will replace it with another. Choosing the Tarot is a serious step. It is because you open access to the subtle world and information space that will bring an energy outflow without a disciplined training.

Never take the Tarot out of curiosity, since this is a serious responsibility. You should treat the cards with respect and care, not disturb them on trifles and petty nonsense. It is desirable to have a mentor who will help you to protect your energy when working with cards, will give the right direction in studying the entire depth of symbolism.

If you are not completely defined for what purpose you want to use the Tarot, if you can’t make a clear choice of an appropriate deck, I suggest that you consult a master before taking such a serious responsibility.


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