How To Choose A Job And Find Your Destination: Numerological Recommendations


How Can Numerology Help You To Find Your Destination?

When choosing a job a man is very often driven by need and not by aspiration for personal realization. But in this situation there is a way out: You can have the main activity that brings money and stability, implementing at the same time your destiny. You can have blogs on social networks, use your inclinations on the Internet, creating groups for people with similar interests… Numerological recommendations give the opportunity to know your real destination, to reveal your talents that will allow you to be not only rich but also happy.

So, to find out you destination, you need to count up the Destiny number that will point out the true path and allow you to choose the right job.

The Destiny number is the sum of the figures of your day, month and year of birth that is reduced to a single number (from 1 to 9) by the method of theosophical addition. For example, you were born 15.04.1979. Let’s sum up all the figures: 1+5+4+1+9+7+9, the result is 36, then we sum up 3+6 to obtain the Destiny number, in this case, it is 9.

The resulting Destiny number shows your strengths and weaknesses, and lets you know your real destination and choose the right job. If you can’t change your job in this period of life, you have the opportunity to begin to implement your way as an alternative activity, which in the future will allow you to yield profits and to reveal the real destination.

Now we continue with the varieties of the Destiny number for determining a professional destination.

How can the Destiny number show your destination?

The meaning of number #1

Your destination is in aspiration for absorbing a significant amount of information and different skills to eventually teach it to other people, helping them overcome obstacles and difficulties that you have experienced at first hand. If you can not become a teacher or a business coach, you can create your methodology in the form of practical advice, using social networks.

The meaning of number #2

Your destination is to be a diplomate or a mediator, to take part in resolving difficult situations and to find solutions to contentious issues. You can give advice in critical situations, using natural wisdom and innate intuition. You will be successful in the legal profession or crisis management. If your permanent work is fundamentally different from the given principles, it is worth helping people through social networks, where you will be able to use your gift of a sage advisor.

The meaning of number #3

Your destination is in continuous creative development and processing of information from mentors who are at a higher level than you. The inclination to a rapid study of new information and professional skills will make you set more and more challenging goals. You will have success as a manager of any process, moving rapidly up the career ladder. You have to organize activities of other people, creating something global and social. In addition to the main work, it is possible to arrange a social project or to engage in charity.

The meaning of number #4

Your destination is in complete self-giving for the benefit of a vast number of people. You can be both a talented physician and a sports coach who puts everything to the success of his or her students. If your work does not provide such opportunities, it is necessary to pay attention to the development of your hobby, involving in this process as many people as possible who thanks to your help will be able to surpass their mentor. Help people in what you failed to translate into reality at some period.

The meaning of number #5

Your destination is spiritual perfection and the search for your path alone. You can successfully change various spheres of activity, having a flexibility of thinking. It will be difficult to you to depend on others, so, the ideal way is freelance or self-employment. You can be both a creative person – a writer, an artist, and a rationalist, that is to provide a unique service in the market, being the exclusive specialist. As an option it is worth engaging in art and distributing its fruits as gifts, having a stable job.

The meaning of number #6

Your destination is to assemble a team of associates who have spiritual wisdom and sincerity. You can open a spiritual center, create an organization that will provide an opportunity to receive support for talented people, making them famous. Outside of your work, you can unite those individuals who aspire for development and wisdom, as an option you can organize spiritual journeys to sacred places.

To be happy you should know your real destination

The meaning of number #7

Your destination is to discover the hidden facets of a human person, giving the opportunity to transform and become better. In society you can work in the justice system, to be a priest or work in a rehabilitation center. Since you are in nature a lone willed leader, it will be difficult to you to take communication in society. One of the options of activities is research, it can be social experiments that are not linked with your main job.

The meaning of number #8

Your purpose is to show moral values and cultivate spiritual principles, preserving traditions. The ideal variant is a family business, a continuation of your parents’ affairs. You should spread the inclination to sciences and higher substances among those who are at a lower level of development. As an option, in addition to your work, you can go in educating children from poor families, read charity lectures that convey knowledge to people.

The meaning of number #9

Your destination is a positive influence through your publicity and authority over large numbers of people. You are given the gift of persuasion, and you can lead any group. You will have success in politics, media and other areas that give publicity. In addition to your main job, you can carry on a popular blog to be able to bring people to the positive and to help those who have strayed from their path.

We live in the modern world and possess great resources in the form of social networks and positioning ourselves on the Internet. Therefore, if you work oppresses you today, and you can’t implement there your real destination, there is a great opportunity and a chance to try to realize yourself through a hobby and activity on social networks. There are so many examples of people starting blogging or creating an interest group on the Internet, eventually realizing their true talents and gaining financial profit. It’s no wonder many successful people believe that the best work is a hobby that makes money.


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