Causes of Loneliness by Zodiac Sign


Why do you feel lonely? Your zodiac sign may be the reason

It’s hard to find a woman who does not dream of meeting her soul mate. But it is not uncommon that at a mature age she is still not married. The horoscope can explain some of the causes of loneliness. Find out what makes people of various zodiac signs unhappy in love!

Aries and Loneliness

The beautiful Aries are renowned for their martial nature. They are true Amazons who want to be their best at everything — at work, with friends, at home. Every man does not like this way of thinking because the majority of them do not see the marital bed as a boxing ring. Aries are under the protection of the element of Fire, but instead of waking passion, it leaves scorches on their heart.

Taurus and Loneliness

Taurus is a great zodiac sign, but these people are way too materialistic. Women born under this zodiac sign are never happy with love in a cottage. They seek a successful and influential man. This would be a fair deal but Taurus women need more that that: they see the man as their property, and this attitude often irritates their companion.

Gemini and Loneliness

When it comes to Gemini, the main cause of their loneliness is their utter disregard to limitations. They dislike the bond of matrimony, social attitudes, and marital agreements. The element of Air is prone to changes, Taurus women prefer a great variety of partners and feelings to a boring family life. Though they may accept a long-distance marriage.

Cancer and Loneliness

Cancer women take their personal relationships so seriously that they often scare their admirers away. The man may be ready to develop their relationship but he is afraid of being kept under her thumb. Besides, Cancer women are very sensitive, they get upset or break into tears pretty easily. They need a partner as safe as houses, but they rarely find one.

Leo and Loneliness

Leo has an astonishing ego. They are eager to make a drama of any kind of relationship, they demand worship and admiration and hate rivals. Men find this kind of attitude to be quite tiresome. Leo women get married only when they manage to curb their ego or when they find a man who is ready to sacrifice himself.

Virgo and Loneliness

Virgo women are never lonely. But in some cases, they may substitute a man for career or business. People born under this zodiac sign dot the i’s and cross the t’s, they like to keep everything in perfect order, besides, they find every single fault with their partner and always make remarks. There are few men who are ready to live in conditions of sterility and perfectionism, so Virgo women often remain unmarried.

Libra and Loneliness

Libra women have a unique talent of evaluating every single detail. They are quite charming, and because of that have a few die-hard fans. The great variety of candidates makes their choice more difficult because Virgo women are always afraid to miss their best chance.

Scorpio and Loneliness

Scorpio women are capable of passionate love but their admirers may see it as a threat. Their love is deep, full of passion, hatred, and jealousy. Scorpio women see everybody like a book, while their jealousy is surprisingly long-standing. They are difficult to love, but it is even harder to resist the feelings.

Sagittarius and Loneliness

Sagittarius women do not get married because they feel ill at ease in a monogamous marriage. Moreover, they tend to have great expectations, this is why turn down their admirers and finally end up with nothing. Women born under this zodiac sign may spend years waiting for their prince charming.

Capricorn and Loneliness

Capricorn women either build a career or boss about the members of their family. In the former case, they have no time for affairs, they care only about reports and negotiations. In the latter case, men avoid them because they seek a quieter woman. The brave ones that decide to win a Capricorn woman’s heart should be prepared for her emotional coldness.

Aquarius and Loneliness

Aquarius women have a rebellious nature which is the main cause of their loneliness. They like beautiful affairs, void of commitment and routine. Women born under this zodiac sign are too impractical for family life. The man will have to accept the role of the housekeeper.

Pisces and Loneliness

Feeling lonely is a natural state of mind for Pisces. They keep everybody at a distance because they are afraid of losing their idyll. Pisces is the most mysterious zodiac sign that follows only its own rules. Pisces women often substitute marriage for some kind of an illusory world.

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