Astrology And Employment – Practical Recommendations


Astrology Can Show The Right Moment For Employment

Employment is a very complicated process, which is influenced by planets alignment, the Moon passing through the zodiac signs, lunar days and aspects and many other things. We will describe the general mechanism that allows you to choose the right moment for documents submission, for a successful interview and gaining the desired post.

The emotional state of any person is affected by the moon phase changes and many other astrological processes. It may be noted that, for example, on a full moon, people are irritable, prone to aggression and conflict, and those who suffer from vascular diseases may experience physical discomfort. And in the first and last days of the lunar cycle, people usually feel a lack of energy, lack of confidence in their abilities and are easily manipulated and deceived. These factors have a negative impact on any relationships, including those with the employer. This article describes the most favorable conditions for employment from the astrological point of view.

Favorable days for interviews and employment

The 4 and 7 lunar days are the time when you need to say out loud the desired, to focus on your professional merits and to talk about high salary. These days, everything that you pronounce has great power and influence on the interlocutor.

The 10 and 11 lunar days are favorable for getting a job in a large corporation with a prospect of career growth. Your post will be stable, the career will be on the climb, financial results will skyrocket.

The 17 and 21 lunar days are effective for independent people who develop creative directions, ready to take responsibility and risky steps. During this period, you can open your own business successfully, radically change the scope of activity and realize your creative potential.

Suitable Moon positions  for employment

Now let’s look at the Moon passing through the astrological signs, which contributes to the achievement of career goals and successful work.

The Moon in Leo is a good period for global career goals. You can get a job in a rival company, have a shot at leading positions, seek investments in your ideas. Employment at these days is reasonable if you want a permanent long-term job and career prospects.

The Moon in Virgo is a good period for employment of mid-level employees: accounting, management, teamwork. It is a good time for those who are willing to work responsibly for the company benefit, intellectual grow and gaining new skills.

The Moon in Taurus is an effective time for employment of workers: factory workers, farm workers, car mechanics, plumbers – all these professionals will achieve good results and a decent wage.

The Moon in Scorpio is suitable for those who want to get rich quickly and consider temporary options for cooperation.

The Moon in Sagittarius is suitable for those who want first of all to realize their ambitions and who see working conditions and payment just in the background.

The Moon in Capricorn is an effective time for those who want fame and achievements in the narrow professional field.

The Moon in Aquarius is an effective period for employment of creative people: musicians, poets, writers, and advertisers.

The Moon in Pisces is an effective period for employment of individuals who tend to earn through spiritual processes: psychologists, coaches of spiritual practices, esoteric consultants.

Unfavorable periods for employment

Now let’s look at the time to be strictly avoided for interviews, employment, and entry into new duties.

The 1 and 2 lunar days are instability and frustration, as well as unjustified expectations and inability to cope with fixed objectives.

The 9 and 19 lunar days are a period of deception and disillusionment, which can lead to loss of time and finances.

The 29 lunar day is a time when you will face injustice, leading to losses and difficulties in future employment.

A full Moon is the most unfavorable and difficult period for employment. You have to fight regularly and to put all your efforts and knowledge which will eventually lead to the unfair loss of employment and lack of finance.

I recommend looking through the labor book remembering all the dates of interviews and employment, to confirm the algorithm described above. After analyzing your experience on the proposed algorithm, you will make sure that the development of situations with work occurred along a predetermined path.

Using this knowledge, you can avoid difficulties and mistakes and find a decent job to realize your professional experience and get a decent salary. You can also consult an astrologer to see important details: a natal chart, aspects, influence of planets on your horoscope at the moment – then your success will increase many times, and you will be able to achieve your goals without any obstacles.


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