Astrological Analysis: What Donald Trump’s Horoscope Reveals About His Presidency?


Donald Trump’s Horoscope Reading

The presidential election in the USA took place on November, 8, and Donald Trump came off with flying colours. There is hardly anyone whose heart did not miss a beat at that moment, either of anger or joy, – the personality of Donald Trump seems to be controversial to many people, some are even terrified. While discussing his dislike for Mexicans, Chinese, and Islamists, we forgot about something that is more important – his personality.

Who is Donald Trump?

A father of five children, billionaire, a conservative man with strong family values? Or a choleric leader who is ready to do anything to reach his aim? Here you can read his detailed horoscope and find out what his presidency will look like.

Donald Trump and the members of his big family gather to make this lovely photo.

In Donald Trump’s horoscope, there are almost all prerequisites for public success and a prosperous political career. Jupiter Trine Sun gives him an increased popularity among voters and a gift for explaining his ideas in plain English. Well, Trump is a natural on-camera, besides, he lays his ideas well. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that Jupiter retrograde in his horoscope shows that Trump has worked a lot to develop these skills, and his ‘impromptu’, in fact, is brought to perfection by rehearsals.

Pluto Sextile Sun and Jupiter reveals a charismatic personality that will fight to the last to achieve a purpose – this is an ideal quality for a president. Those who were born under this combination of stars and planets can deliver the final blow when they have almost lost it all, – Donald Trump demonstrated these tactics more than once in the election race.

Donald Trump's slogan remained controversial even after the presidential campaign ended.

Passion and self-confidence are guaranteed by Mars Sextile Sun, which is a positive detail that helps not only to participate in any competition but also win it. According to his horoscope, Trump usually disputes the victory, just taking part is not for him. However, a strong Mars that is not influenced by other planets, of course, shows that Trump is good at curbing his passions, he does not put all his eggs in one basket. This approach to his inner and financial resources is quite rational. Besides, it is worth mentioning that a lot of planets in Donald Trump’s horoscope are close to the Sun – this makes his success in politics almost inevitable, though the victory was not easy.

What else influenced Donald Trump’s campaign?

Another intrigue of this campaign was his wife – Melania Trump, one day she helped his popularity, another day she caused clamorous scandals. Saturn conjunct Venus in her horoscope is close to Jupiter. Though some of the media’s attacks at Melania arouse public curiosity, they did not cause a major decline in her husband’s popularity.

In this amazing photo we can see that the Trumps and the Clintons once got on pretty well.

Of course, Donald Trump’s horoscope can tell us a lot about his future policy. But here the astrology does not shock us – he is a far-sighted leader which is his gift from Sun conjunct Uranus, however, he also has a rational and practical mind. We will hardly see any rushed decisions based on emotions – Saturn, Venus and Mercury in Cancer chow us that all serious statements will be weighted up taking into consideration the risks for the USA and other countries.


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