7 Reasons Why Women Want To Get Married


On the one hand, our society begins to treat loneliness better than ever before, on the other hand, there is something inside every woman, a loud and vigorous voice that answers “NO!” when we are called “strong and independent women.” Where does this voice come from? We’ll tell you why women still want to get married.


The fair sex seeks to get married, as well as their mothers, the grandmother and the great-grandmother did. You can’t deceive the genetic memory. We can’t forget the centuries throughout which lovers gave oaths of eternal love and respect, got married and fastened the union with marriage bonds.

Someone may tell: “Wait! The stamp in the passport is a recent invention!” 

To be precise, we must admit that it is not so long ago that the authorities have begun to solemnize marriages. But even in the pagan history, not to mention the Christianity period, there were ceremonies of the wedding. People passed some ceremonies before society recognized them as a husband and wife. Thus, a wedding ceremony is not a joke, but a serious tradition dating back centuries in which people chose each other through a ceremony, not in words as in today’s “civil marriages”.

How to build a happy family

We want to see acts, not words

Women don’t like men who are all mouth and no trousers. You would ask why we need these conventions (or as men put it, “nonsenses that are important for artless village girls”): two lovers can perfectly live without any conventions or stamps that guarantee nothing and that don’t protect from infidelity. Have you moved to your boyfriend’s apartment? Then you are his hostess, wife and mistress, all in one. You can freely wash his socks, iron his shirts and make dinners. Call him “little boy” or “teddy bear” ⎯ as you wish.

But clever women don’t take these nuances into consideration. They don’t care for words; they look at the man’s behavior. When he says: “Darling, will you marry me?”, he does not just propose to you; he takes the responsibility for you. At the same time, what can civil marriage give to you? Nothing, except daily grind and fragile happiness. For certain you have heard a lot of stories about men that leave the woman after seven years of joint life to enter into marriage with another, though they haven’t lived with her even a few months.

Society puts pressure on us

Another factor is social pressure. When a woman is thirty years old and unmarried, she can’t normally communicate with girlfriends, colleagues and acquaintances who have found their “family happiness”. If at first she laughs the matter off somehow, then she begins getting irritated. And when she is thirty-five, and an old girlfriend asks: “Why aren’t you married?” She will cry herself to sleep.

Alas, social pressure is immense. Women marry the first man who proposes to them in order not to lose their chance. It doesn’t matter that she’s got an excellent education, works in an international company, earns a lot, travels around the globe, and does what she likes. The most important aim is to get married!

A wedding is the best day ever!

The fair sex believes the wedding ceremony to be the best day of their life. We dream of it, imagine how we are going to wear a magnificent snow-white dress on and face the prince who will be smiling happily. We are happy; friends give us expensive gifts, and the only thing left to our enemies is to envy. The fact is that many women say “Yes!” only to make their dream come true. After a while, some of them understand that they’ve made a mistake, but it’s already too late.

The fact is that many women say “Yes!” only to make their dream come true. After a while, some of them understand that they’ve made a mistake, but it’s already too late.

We dream of children

Those women who dream of motherhood are first in the line to get married. Whatever modern girls say, it is difficult to give birth and grow up a child in the civil marriage.

Here we don’t speak about any financial issues. The woman needs to know that she is absolutely safe. Only in this case the pregnancy will cause the minimum difficulties, and the future mother will take care of her own health and her child’ health.

The fact that mother and the father are married is important not only for parents, but also for their children. Psychologists have more than once faced  cases when a child had problems with behavior having learned that his parents aren’t legally married.

What do women want from a man?

We think that marriage is a success

Whatever feminists say, a woman that has failed in her private life cannot be happy in every sense of the word. We can have an important post, a luxurious car, a huge country house, but if we are lonely, we’ll still cry at night. But if we’re a happy wife and mother, we’ll be happy even without a prestigious job, financial independence and social status.

We see the husband as our defendant

Many women perceive the loved one as a defender who will come to the rescue at a difficult moment. In the childhood, we were under the protection of the father or the elder brother, in youth — of the admirer who took us home after a disco and protected from hooligans, in adult years — of a lover or the husband. We believe that when we are married, there we will be no psychological, financial and other problems. They will be solved by themselves; that will leave time and forces for more pleasant affairs. This is what you get if you’ve chosen the right person.

We wish you good luck!


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