4 Myths About Loneliness


The weight ratio of living alone varies from day to day. Many people understand that it’s more convenient and more enjoyable. But is it?

In childhood, we inspire the idea that the man – an integral part of the family, collective society. We must live for the sake of other people and with them. But in the modern world of freedom and personal development of the individual is gradually coming to the fore, are much more significant than any restrictions. Life in solo style – a tendency, from which no escape. An increasing number of young and fruitful people prefer to enjoy the solitude, instead of trying to build a traditional in our understanding of the family. Of course, you can stand up for family values, but you can not remove the scales with the changes. ReadStars experts dismantled the four myths of loneliness that live in our minds.

Myth № 1. The man is not fit to be alone

Despite the fact that the days when a man could not independently survive in the wild, in the past, many people think so still. Family ties were imposed on us for centuries in the banal human desire to save their own lives. Once the individual is left outside the protected tribal areas, it immediately ate the dinosaurs or the representatives of the other tribe.

Does a woman alone in the world?

Today the situation has changed radically. Many wealthy people use the money to dissociate itself from all the others – to buy the island, build estates with high fences, travel tuples with security.
Life alone provides an enormous resource for personal development, especially female. Previously, women earned incomparably small, today they occupy high positions in international corporations, led by political parties and public organizations, manage entire states. They do not have to consider the family and procreation of its direct responsibility. Family values are gone, leaving a place of self-realization.

Myth № 2. Loneliness – is suffering

Single – a person who lives alone, and not the one that is suffering from loneliness. Perfectly integrated personality itself. Such a person is not suffering coming to an empty apartment. Lonely girl coming home from work in anticipation of how to drink a cup of coffee, take a shower and start cooking dinner. After lunch, will take on the couch to read a report on the conference tomorrow, and then with a glass of wine to watch an entertaining film. And go to bed under a warm blanket on which it is already in the evening waiting for a pet cat. If she’ll want to talk to someone and have some fun, she goes with her friends to a favorite café, cinema or nightclub. The only caveat, which upsets her – approaching the age when the birth of a child is impossible. But such is the trend – more and more women less likely to enter into a formal marriage to have kids.

Single women how to solve the problem?

Myth № 3. Lonely no value to society

If we analyze the infrastructure of cities, we can conclude that it is the needs of individuals, and they are guided. Sports clubs, cafes, and restaurants, dry cleaning and meal delivery service, created just because lonely people in need of them. Disabled individuals who have trouble above the head, rarely trained in the exercise rooms and attended classes on yoga, they have no time to enjoy the delicious cappuccino in a café or a glass of wine in the restaurant.

Single people devote himself to work, climbing the corporate ladder, increasing their social status and wealth. They go on business trips, open until 23:00 on weekends. They do not have time for full relations and family in the traditional sense for us. They are not bored because they have friends, community projects, and hobbies. So, who and gives impetus to the development of society, so it is single.

Myth № 4. In his old age, he will not be anyone to fill a glass of water

In fact, the elderly are increasingly choosing loneliness of old age. Someone wants to spend time the way you want it – to smoke a pipe, red meat and drinking wine at dinner, and do not listen to the scandals of its second half, which strongly disagrees with this way of life. Some couples in Europe, the United States so values their individuality, they are ready to live alone, but to come to each other’s homes on the weekend, go together to the children and to travel.


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