2017 Love & Sex Horoscope


2017 Love & Sex Horoscope for all Zodiac signs:

Fiery energy of 2017 will have an impact on the sex life of people of every Zodiac sign. Stars definitely won’t let anybody get bored: neither those still searching for their significant ones nor the ones already in a relationship.

2017 Love & Sex Horoscope for Aries

This year the Aries who are looking for a partner will be significantly more active and attractive for the opposite sex. The secret of success in relationships is simple – the more confidence you manifest, the more people will be attracted to you. Those already in a relationship may want some experiment, but be more careful in February and the first half of spring – it’s better not to make your partner jealous. The end of the year will be rich in pleasant surprises in relationships, but it may well be so that almost all year round it will be you who takes the initiative and are more active.

2017 Love & Sex Horoscope for Taurus

This is the main direction of a Taurus love life for 2017: the beginning of the year will be quite measured and generally predictable; you will want to diversify your sex life in the middle and desire to return more romance to your relationship in the end of the year. But you should keep in mind that your partner may not be so ready for changes, that’s why you need to take into consideration his or her wishes too in the middle of this year. But on the other hand, this time is perfectly suitable for discussing your needs without any false shyness. The beginning of autumn is the right time for sexual experiments, but don’t forget about the importance of looking good and how you portray yourself in intimate relationships.

Love and Sex horoscope for you2017 Love & Sex Horoscope for Gemini

The energy of 2017 won’t let get bored those in active search or those already in a relationship. Readiness for experiments, renewal and the skill to listen to your partner will add quite a lot of variety to your sex life this year. Appearance and attributes are important during spring months, but it would be better to manage without any audacious experiments – the time for them will come in the second half of the year. It may well be so that in summer a lot of Gemini will appreciate more romance, fine words, the acts of their partners in intimate relationships. A piece of advice from the stars for those looking for a partner: make use of the favorable influence of the planets in the second half of February and in the middle of August to create an image of a partner you wish and to look for him or her in real life.

2017 Love & Sex Horoscope for Cancer

In 2017 a lot of Cancer will want to sort their problems out in relationships and sex life. They can talk with their partner and discuss all the stuff they worry about. Other crabs will just decide to end their stale relationship and will be right too. The coming year will require to answer sincerely if the person near you really suits you. Some relationships can still be saved, but something needs to be rejected and you should move on. The second half of the year will be characterized by a softer influence of planets that will have a direct impact on your sex life – there will be more romance, declarations of love, the return of tenderness. But if you take the lead and confess your secret desires to your partner, it will improve your relationship with your loved one.

2017 Love & Sex Horoscope for Leo

Single Leos will wish bright impressions and exciting relationships from the beginning of this year. Be careful if you aren’t ready for long love affairs because the influence of planets in this will raise the probability of meeting a person not quite right for you. However, stars promise a vivid feeling for those who just want to have some fun in a new relationship. All year long you will be noticeable and perform well with the help of your charisma. It may well be so that it will be you who leads the relationship and makes the first step towards a person drawing your attention. Married Leos and those in a relationship should restrain their ardor and put more energy to preserve the courtship rituals adopted in your couple. The time to experiment in your sex life will come in October, and before that moment you should better keep to things that you both like for sure.

2017 Love & Sex Horoscope for Virgo

Many Virgo are inherently aiming for changes, but you should understand that it’s better not to shoot from the hip and to change a relationship that is generally stable. Yes, if you are interested to continue an already existing relationship, you should think about changes. With all that you shouldn’t play a role that doesn’t suit you and try to represent calmness in situations where you feel confused. But it’s better to learn beforehand what your partner wants and realize his or her wish. When you know what your loved one wants, you will feel more confident. Those searching for a partner can think about a brighter and more expressive self-image – that’s how you will attract more attention and raise chances of a beginning of a new relationship.

2017 Love & Sex Horoscope for Libra

Casual dates and short romances are not on your path this year, even if you are in search for your significant one. It’s more likely you will be more attracted to people who share the same hobbies and interests. At first you will talk and attempt to know each other better, and then maybe this will grow into a relationship. Such well-grounded approach will yield fruit and you will have a person in your life, the relationship with whom will continue. If you are already in the couple, stars advise you to think about diversifying your sex life, including changing your surroundings. Even short trips and privacy in unusual conditions can help you to make your personal life more interesting.

2017 Love & Sex Horoscope for Scorpio

Almost all year long most of Scorpio will ask themselves what they really need in love and sex, what they miss and what they would prefer to reject. You are in mood to think, analyze and make up your mind, but beginning with October you will be full of desire to realize the changes you planned. For some scorpions this can mean new meetings, vivid relationships, eventful personal life.  Scorpio born in the last ten days of October may give a second chance to some relationship still significant for them. During all autumn it would be better to avoid making your partner jealous, as it may lead to the consequences you would not like. The end of the year is time to make peace with people you love and to show romantic signs of attention to your significant other.

Sex and Love 2017 horoscope for all zodiac signs2017 Love & Sex Horoscope for Sagittarius

Your spontaneity and impulsivity are the traits of character that can complicate your already existing relationship with a partner. Even if you feel that routine is creeping into your relationship, don’t hurry to correct everything at one stroke. As always, talking can help you – open, sincere and confidential. You can tell your partner freely what doesn’t suit you in your relationship and sex life, but avoid accusations and reproaches. Be ready to listen to the person dear to you – he or she has something to say to you too. All year long unmarried and single Sagittarius will struggle between a wish for a strong relationship and uncertainty that they are ready for it. But it’s better to try than to suffer about something you haven’t done. If your partner proposes you to pass to a more stable level of a relationship, it would be better to say yes.

2017 Love & Sex Horoscope for Capricorn

Stable and predictable relationships of some Capricorn will end this year. You can be suddenly drawn to love adventures, and single Sea Goats will take aim at multiple dates wishing to choose the best suited person from their surroundings. December-born Capricorns may feel a desire to cast away previous limitations in love and sex, but January-born ones will feel the urge towards more stability in intimate relationships. If you are already in a relationship, stars advise you to consider the needs of your partner more and in some cases to anticipate his or her wishes. That’s how you can not only keep your relationship up this year, but also to make it brighter.

2017 Love & Sex Horoscope for Aquarius

Friends become lovers and former lovers become friends or even just acquaintances – these fluctuations are possible in the life of Aquarius who is not yet in a serious relationship with a partner. Don’t try to hold on to those who leave your life themselves, there will be another person in their place – the one who will give you a brighter and more durable relationship. Most likely these changes will come in life of Aquarius in the second half of the year. Those already in a relationship or married should think about diversifying their sex life. Everything can come in handy: ability to create favourable conditions, a bright foreplay, readiness to experiment. Take the initiative yourself and act according to your own and your partner’s desires.

2017 Love & Sex Horoscope for Pisces

This year will bring to many Pisces a bright and eventful private life. Those in search for their love match and those already in a relationship can expect quite a lot of changes – unexpected, but rather favourable. Married people of this sign can expect more warmth and attention from their partner. It may well be so that recently routine has prevailed over spontaneity in your relationship, but your significant other is ready to set everything straight. All that you need is to let them understand what you like and what you would prefer to abstain from. Single Pisces will get good news in their private life – all year long, especially in its second half there is a high probability of a crucial meeting that can develop quickly into a bright, mutual and passionate relationship.


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